November 15, 2016

How to Win Him Back in 3 Steps

This article is based on true events. Natasha’s story is so strong and inspiring that it felt like I must share. The names have been changed and the only motive of this story is to help others who are going through a hard phase in life. So, let’s hear it from her: “I remember it […]

How to Enjoy Life for Real

We grew up in humble households where morality and love were always more important than materials and fame. Telling a lie or being dishonest was a great sin. Cheating and misbehaving were forbidden. Respect and love were the code of conduct to live with. Playing and sharing were fun. However, somewhere down the road, we […]


85 Years of Wisdom

Ramzan Khan Abbasi was born sometime around 1932 in Sanyo, Murree, British India. Back then, recording birthdays in the backward northern areas of the country weren’t a convention apparently. He was born to a Pahari family, at a time before Murree’s independence from British India and inclusion into Pakistan. When he was 5 years old, […]


Child or Labor?

Child labor won’t sound gibberish to you as you have been hearing and witnessing it every now and then. But what is child labor, actually? By definition, ‘Child Labor’ is the employment of underage children in any work that takes them away from childhood and their right to education. Profound research has proved child labor […]