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Sometimes people don’t realize that they have started following Pessimism over time. This happens due to a state of denial or being naive. Once you admit travelling in negative direction, you will gain the chance to change your course. Always remember, accepting the truth about yourself is the key to the world of Optimism.

So let’s see what kind of mindset are you living with, an Optimist or a Pessimist? Well, if you have a combination of following personality traits, then Yes, you are an Optimist.

You believe in trying and re-trying.
You are an adventurer. Taking risks and facing fears is fun for you.
If a calamity hits, your positive thinking triggers and you always find a way out. In the moment of pain, you find hope and faith. Very often, you remind yourself of all the good you have been through, how blessed have you been and how successfully have you been facing different challenges of life.
You are your own best friend. You put your trust in your inner voice. You enjoy solitude, yet you’re a social person. Every now and then, you try to find more about yourself and have a sync with your inner voice. And most importantly, you respect yourself.
It’s not like you have never faced any hardships. It’s just that you accept the hardships as challenges, confront them and never run away from any battle in front of you.
You take charge of your life and guard your thoughts from the on-going negative.
You don’t fail to smile back. Yes, this one really matters.
You forgive others. And sometimes, when its necessary, you also forgive yourself and move on towards a better tomorrow.

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If you’re still uncertain that whether you are an Optimist or not, then please do ask yourself the following questions and analyze the answers:

What is the definition of world to you?
Do you feel jealous more often?
When you see yourself in the mirror, what are your thoughts? Don’t lie to yourself. Do you like yourself?
How easy it is for you to smile?
Furthermore, if you’re still not sure, then: Close your eyes for a while, relax yourself and take a deep breath. If you find a lot of negativity in your thoughts, then it’s time to take the charge and help yourself.

Start monitoring yourself while you think and talk. You will get to know yourself better. If you consistently find similar statements, as mentioned below, then you must realize that you have become a Pessimist and you need to change the lens you use to see the world.

Oh, they ignored me again, I am sure they hate me and dislike me.
I know I look bad today and this is nothing new.
Why should I be the one to smile first?
Why everyone behaves rude? What have I done? May be they avoid me because I am boring?
Why did I procrastinate and didn’t finish that high-priority task? I am a loser. My boss will be furious now. Why this happens every other day?
Why I can’t fit in this world? There’s no one who understands me.

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The road from Pessimism to Optimism is quite adventurous, not only you will discover yourself during this journey, but you will also find the truth about happiness. Have a fun ride!

By Eisha Waseem & Umer Fiaz Abbasi

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