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Have you ever realized that humans are the most intelligent and complex species on planet earth? Every day, you experience a huge variety of feelings on diverse levels. Your relationships, friendships, studies, work and everything else around you effects your spiritual being. You are on a continuous verge of evolution. You act, you fail, you learn and then you win.

Always remember, you are the best student witnessed by nature.
During this gradual process of growing up, i.e. called life, sometimes you will feel lost. You will find yourself aimless and alone in an unknown world. There could be many reasons behind this feeling of vagueness. But, there are always ways to find the aim of your life — to find yourself back.

Today, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay — feeling lost is okay, it happens. Because it is the first step of self-discovery. Self-discovery may happen when you’re on the verge of giving up. A positive spark emerges inside you and something in your chest opens. This phenomenon is what we call “hope”.

Using hope, you re-navigate yourself towards the path of inner-peace. It is God’s way of increasing the strength of your belief in Him. He shows that He listens to your prayers and He’s always there for you to put you back on your feet.

If you’re feeling lost these days, the following 7 habits will help you get back on the track.

1) Pray. Befriend God. He is the mighty ‘hope’.

2) Respect your elders and always seek advice. Learn from their experiences. Life would be way easier and interesting, trust me!

3) Never build walls between you and the people close to you. Build relationships. Express — expression is the biggest gift of nature. Relationships make you realize tons of things about yourself.

4) Travel alone once in a while. Solitude is a beautiful thing. It will help you perform self-analysis. And as they say, “You can’t improve if you can’t measure”, this is super important.

5) Always try to see the positive side of things. At times, things will go wrong, results will not follow your expectations, and then you’ll feel bewildered. Give that result a reason, learn from your mistake and try to move on. Find another ambition and another goal. Your time is just on the way, maybe half a mile away so hang in there. Just get up every time you fall and keep moving forward.

6) Be patient. Let time do its magic. Time is the best healer and the best intervention. Hard work always pays off, sooner or later.

7) Read. Less TV and more reading. Reading stimulates your mind in a subtle way — helping you with thought-provoking ideas and personality development.

Good Luck!

by Umer Fiaz Abbasi

Inspired by a conversation with Lina El Sawy.

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