There are two major kinds of people in this world: Optimistic & Pessimistic. Optimists are idealists who see the world as a big ball of hope. On the other hand, Pessimists are known to be the doubters, who see the surroundings as skeptics.

Being an Optimist can drive a person to develop a positive mindset, try new things, learn new ways to success and enjoy life. Being positive leads to inner satisfaction and in turn, happiness. On the other hand, Pessimism at its extreme can lead to a negative mindset resulting in depression, loneliness, and stubbornness.

Everybody wants to be happy and escape the dull boring routines of life. That’s why people love the company of funny folks, watching TV, or other sources of entertainment. However, you do not realize that true happiness comes from inside, not from what’s around. The happiness factory will help you to become a joyful person only if you really want to. It is your own struggle to find hope and life passions which in turn will help to find true joy.

Realistically, life is hard for everybody one way or the other. However, it is your response to those hardships that makes you Optimistic or Pessimistic. Don’t misinterpret Pessimism with occasional solitude which is a by-product of Optimism. Solitude, being an amazing gift, helps to perform deep analysis, self-discovery, and plan a better future. Actually, Pessimism is being a negative over-thinker who has forgotten life ambitions and dreams. It does not really help, and will make you unhappy in the long run.

As an Optimist, you should neither judge a Pessimist nor leave them in a situation of need. Selfishness and greed will only hurt your soul. Only a supportive mind truly sees what hope is all about. Optimism grows on hope, not on materialistic achievements. Optimism is a skill that anyone can master and Pessimism is a disease that anyone can cure.

According to a famous African proverb: There are two wolves who get into a fight. One wolf represents positivity, hope and joy. The other wolf is a representative of despair, anger and greed. Which one of these wolves will win the fight? Answer: The one you feed.
According to the animated movie “Inside Out”, every human brain articulates the following personalities:

1. Joy

2. Sadness

3. Anger

4. Fear

5. Disgust

Every day you make thousands of decisions and each of these decisions is governed by these personalities in your head. The kind of decisions you usually end up making is directly proportional to the personality which gets fed the most.

Conclusion: You live the life you desire.
P.S. If you haven’t watched “Inside Out” yet, please do. The storyline of this movie has an astounding manifestation of how your everyday decisions dictate your attitude towards life.

by Eisha Waseem & Umer Fiaz Abbasi

Photo Credits: Eutah Mizushima

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