We grew up in humble households where morality and love were always more important than materials and fame. Telling a lie or being dishonest was a great sin. Cheating and misbehaving were forbidden. Respect and love were the code of conduct to live with. Playing and sharing were fun. However, somewhere down the road, we forgot what was taught to us and became capitalized by brands and marketing. Let’s understand this further with the help of a story.

‘One afternoon, at an airport, four old friends met by coincidence. Surprisingly, they all were visiting their home country. Once college mates of a small city, were now successful businessmen overseas. They decided to stay near the airport for a day to hang out before they would leave for their homes. Let’s also visit our favorite Professor, one of them suggested. The next day they went to their college and the Professor was very delighted to see them. While they chatted up, they all started sharing depressing stories about how stressed their life is and how hard it is to be happy. The Professor listened to each one of them and instead of saying anything in response, suggested to have a cup of coffee. He brought a coffee thermos and several cups made from different materials from the kitchen. All the students chose seemingly expensive cups and started drinking coffee. The Professor asked why did you choose the expensive cups? Does that effect the taste of coffee? That is the problem with us today, he explained. We correlate the taste of life with the materials involved. Even though, the materials are just there to support functionality. The real taste of life has nothing to do with the materials you use, just like the taste of coffee has nothing to do with the quality of cups. And it is because of this wrong mental congeniality that you all feel stressed.’

So what is the real taste of life then?

1- Befriend God. He is the best friend you’ll ever have. Trust me on this.

Tip: Pray.

2- Love your family. A ‘75 years of research at Harvard University’ concluded that the scale of happiness is directly proportional to family love.
Tip: Spend more time with your family.

3- Everyday, spare a few minutes to yourself. This will help you analyze yourself and feel the taste of your life.
Tip: Go out for a run at night.

4- Create, innovate and be an Artist. God has gifted you that one skill which makes you special. Find that skill. This is the best pathway to inner-peace. Tip: Use this.

5- Forgive. Big hearts never develop jealousy and hatred. They only grow kindness and love. On top of everything, learn to forgive yourself.
Tip: Forgive before you sleep.

6- Appreciate others. Spread smiles. The gratitude always finds its way back.
Tip: Appreciate at least 3 people everyday.

7- Help others in need. Be a Giver.
Tip: Charity.

8- Communicate. Express. Feel.
Tip: talk, sing, dance, play.

9- Always have something to look forward to. Planning is being positive about your future.
Tip: Give everyday a reason, a goal.

10- Travel. Diversify yourself. This will color your personality with beautiful dimensions.
Tip: Take a small trip, at least once a month.

11- Your time is precious. Be productive.
Tip: Don’t gossip when you hangout, discuss ideas instead.

12- Care to Share. Sharing is the best expression of happiness and love.
Tip: Gifts.

“We only live the life that we desire. Think sweet and live sweet.”
Have a great time on earth!

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