Life is exciting and unpredictable. Each day is a new story, a new beginning and a new journey. Humans are complex beings. Every day we go through hundreds of emotions due to our surroundings and happenings. Our emotions are related to social and physical circumstances we go through.

It is usually said that we are only capable of five types of emotions, i.e., Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. The short-term and long-term circumstances are different for different people. On top of that, people behave differently in similar circumstances. And this is why everyone has a unique personality. Your definition of joy may be different from your sibling’s joy. Your fear might be the strength of somebody else. We live in different emotional layers and aura. Your aura is dependent on what sort of resilience and emotional makeup you have acquired over the period of time.

In turn, it would be unjust to judge another person based on a single event and with your own yard stick. And that is why we should develop the habit of embracing others’ feelings instead of judging negatively. For instance, you’re colleague is crying on their desk. Instead of imagining a last night’s husband-wife fight, go to them with a cup of tea to offer. Be supportive in the hours of need to others and avoid gossiping.

Gossiping makes you cold from the inside over time.
Eventually, you lose the ability to sense others’ feelings and this is exactly what’s wrong with the world these days. This leads to hatred and selfishness, which is practically doom for the caring human nature.

We always talk about spreading love and peace. Well, “Everything starts with you first”. Be a positive person at your work, school and home. Not just positive for yourself, but also for others. Your supportive attitude will create a love filter around you and the folks around you will pick up this beautiful characteristic in no time. At the end of the day:

We all want the same thing: Love and Peace.

by Itrat Husyn & Umer Fiaz Abbasi

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